United Together Events

United Together

Suicide and Addiction Hope for Freedom 

Events Usually Include:

  Events Usually Include:

  • Live Music / bands
  • Speakers
  • Testimonies
  • Activities
  • Workshops / Education 
  • Booths: help & information 
  • Vendors: Food & Items for sale
  • Camping (some events)
  • Prayer / Healing Tent
  •  Etc.

All of our Events are: ALCOHOL &  DRUG  FREE  FAMILY EVENTS  

These Events are for ALL ages. It is never too early to learn about:

  • Hope & Freedom, 
  • Love & Compassion, 
  • Suicide, 
  • Addiction, 
  • Communication 
  • Relationships, 
  • etc. 

Knowing can save lives & a lot of pain

Please come and join us and be Blessed

As we all come together as a community with Love & Compassion (no judgement - everyone has dealt with some form of addiction on their journey) to learn how we can have Hope & Freedom from addictions (there are many forms), suicidal thoughts, destructive communication / relationships, bullying, Body Image, etc.  

To also learn how to recognize those who are suffering and help those who are part of our puzzle of life. Together we can save lives. 

There is Hope & Freedom through Christ. It is the most Precious gift you could ever receive. 

You won't walk away the same person. Come be blessed.

2017 "United Together" Free Family Events

United Together  

Suicide & Addiction Hope for Freedom Event

A 3 Day FREE family event. 

July 28th, 29th, 30th

Caledonia County Fairgrounds  

1 Back Fairground Rd, Lyndonville, VT 05851  

No upcoming events.